There are a couple of bridges of interest in the City of Bristol - Valentine's Bridge at Temple Quay behind Temple Meads Station and Pero's Bridge on St Augustine's Reach. No photos of Valentine's Bridge (opened in 2000) yet - sorry! 

Pero's Bridge is another bridge which, strictly speaking, does not qualify as a Millennium Bridge, as it was opened in 1998. However, in other respects - as a cyclist/pedestrian bridge of striking design, forming a valuable component of the transport infrastructure of the City, it merits inclusion in this website.

The bridge is named after Pero, Bristol's most famous slave and as such acknowledges, at long last, the major part which slaves and the slave trade played in Bristol's history. The bridge designed by Ove Arup, crosses St Augustine's Reach of the Bristol Floating Harbour. It is a bascule bridge, 3 metres wide, with a 11-metre long lifting section, and the counterweights take the unusual form of a pair of horns. 

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