Trans-Pennine Millennium Bridge, Penistone

When I were a lad... there was quite a to-do made about the electrification of the section of the Sheffield to Manchester railway line between Penistone and Guide Bridge via the Woodhead Tunnel, as this was the first electrified main line in the country. I don't know how long it lasted, but nowadays the railway is but a distant memory. However, it has regained a new lease of life as the Trans-Pennine Trail. Recently, I chanced upon one of the old bridges carrying the line over the A628 a short way to the west of Penistone which has recently been restored. Unlike most Millennium bridges, this one proudly displays its credentials in the form of plaques on the side of the bridge telling all and sundry that it forms part of the Trans-Pennine Trail and has been funded by the Millennium Commission.  

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