Southampton - Itchen Riverside Boardwalk

The River Itchen is closely followed by footpaths for much of its length, which collectively form the Itchen Way.  A route for cyclists has been much less clearcut. Pleasant riverside paths run through the riverside parkland in the northern part of the City of Southampton, but south of Cobden Bridge there was a gap in the riverside path where the main railway line runs immediately adjacent to the western shore of the estuary. In 2010, a 300 metre length of boardwalk was constructed projecting from the railway embankment over the tidal flats of the estuary by a partnership of Sustrans Connect2 project, Southampton City Council and Network Rail. See this link. This path now links the northern suburbs of Southampton, the suburban centre of St Denys and St Denys railway station to the north, with the City Centre, Northam Bridge and St Mary's Football Ground  to the south and forms part of National Cycle Network route 23 from Reading to Southampton. It is possibly the longest structure in Britain specifically constructed for the benefit of cyclists and pedestrians.

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