Shanks Millennium Bridge, Whittlesey

The Shanks Millennium bridge at Stanground Washes near Whittlesey is a striking award-winning 120 metre long curved box girder bridge made of weathering steel so that it never needs painting! Designed and constructed by Whitby Bird and Partners. Construction by has been part-funded by landfill tax credits. The bridge affords a traffic free route over the River Nene and links Whittlesey with Peterborough. 

The bridge is but one component of the Peterborough Green Wheel, a network of linked cycleways, footpaths and bridleways which encircle the city of Peterborough. For further details, see the Peterborough Environment City Trust site. For a map of the Green Wheel, see the JustGoRide website. The Green Wheel is a Millennium Commission project. Amongst other users, the Green Wheel has received enthusiastic support from the British Horse Society.

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