Il Grande Bigo, Genoa

By no stretch of the imagination could Il Grande Bigo (literally "the big crane"), otherwise known as Columbus '92, on the edge of the docks in Genoa be described as a bridge. Indeed it defies categorization, although the nearest equivalent might be the London "Eye". Nor is the Bigo a millennial structure - it has been around since 1992 when it was built to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Columbus' first voyage to America (Columbus was, of course, of Genoese origin). But on my visit to Genoa, I was so impressed with its bizarre and innovative appearance, that I couldn't resist photographing it from all angles and including it in this website.

So how can we describe the Bigo? It is an elaborate structure of spars and stays which serves two purposes - one to support a vast tent roof over the Piazza delle Feste, the other to provide a panoramic view of the city from a gondola which is hoisted aloft and dangled from one of the spars. For further information, visit the  Structurae website.

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