Ellišaįr Bridges, Reykjavik

Cycling is a surprisingly popular mode of transport in Reykjavik and there is a good network of cycleways. One major gap in the network was closed in 2013 by the construction of two bridges over the two arms of the Ellišaįr River just before it enters the Ellišavogur, an arm of the sea. The bridges shorten the route between the city centre and the eastern suburbs by 0.7 km.

The superstructure of each bridge is in the form of an 18 metre high three-sided pyramid and the deck of each bridge is 36 metres long is suspended by steel wires connected to the top of the pyramid.  The bridges were designed by the Icelandic firm Teiknistofan Tröš; and the project was awarded  Varšan 2014, a triennial acknoledgement from the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration for the design and completion of road infrastructure. A series of photographs and plans of the bridges can be seen here.
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